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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price per lb for beef whole, half, and quarters?

The total price/lb is $4.30 (hanging weight price/lb = $3.45 butchering price/lb = $0.85)

What is the price per lb for pork whole and halves?

The total price/ lb is $1.50 for hog plus butchering fee


What is the price per lb for 10-20 chickens?

The total price/ lb is $3.80

How long do I have to wait until my order is ready?

*Beef- incoming orders will be filled in August 2024

*Pork- incoming orders will be filled in Spring 2024

*Chicken- incoming orders will be filled in Dec 2023

Do I have to schedule a time for a Cut Sheet Consultation?

No, this is just a resource for customers who would like assistance filling out their cut sheet and answering any questions they have. Cut Sheet Consultations are

scheduled via email a week prior to their animal being sent to one of our custom butchers.

Where do I go when its time for pick-up? When do I know its time for a pick-up?

All bulk orders are picked up at the farm

514 Creamery Rd Telford, PA 18969

A email will be sent to schedule your pick-up time

When do I know I need to fill out my cut sheet?

You will be notified via email when your animal will be sent to one of our custom butchers and informed of what cut sheet you will need to fill out.

Do I need to put any money down to reserve my spot?

Currently, we do not require money down to reserve your spot.

How long will my order last frozen?

Bulk orders are double wrapped in butcher paper with a stamped label which is ideal for long-term freezer storage. We recommend consuming your order within a


How do I know how much I owe? What type of payment is accepted?

A final invoice will be sent via email after your order is picked up from the butcher and brought back to the farm

We prefer checks made out to Leon Detwiler

Credit cards are accepted, however a 2% processing fee will be added to your order.