The Detwiler Family

A 4th Generation Family Farm

Why We Do What We Do

Our Lifestyle: You don’t always know what will be given to you to steward and grow. For us, we have been blessed to live on a farm. It’s a different way of life that we love to live. With this gift, we feel called to unite and feed our local community. The everyday work we do is a privilege and allows us to be called into our gifting's as we serve others.

Our Family & Yours: As our family continues to grow, the time we spend with one another has become more vital than ever in this everchanging world. We want to provide that connection to you and your family through the meals you share together.

Our Environment: Each time we see new construction on open space within our community we reminisce about the days that land was used for farming, the “mom and pop” shop, or the beauty of open space. As our culture’s buying habits change, we want to continue to triumph the support of local businesses and the preservation of our land for future generations.

Our Community/ A Relationship with You: Physical human face-to-face relationships have started to become something of the past. It’s our goal to create a community to share with you by providing a space where people can come and know one another through the connection of food.